I am an IT specialist and I manage Oracle Databases, since 2000 after some years dedicated to programming I have been specializing as Oracle DBA covering all the aspects: data modeling, installation, migration, procedures for backup/recovery, PL/SQL, tuning and support to developers.

I'm skilled in the design and implementation of High Availability architectures with RAC, ASM, Data Guard and also vendor specific solution for Disaster Recovery.

I have been working on engineering and on operation with complex environments running business critical databases, after a few years working for third party companies I have been contractor five years for IBM; then I moved to Zurich Switzerland where I worked almost four years at Credit Suisse AG.

Today Iím still based in Switzerland and I'm employed by Trivadis AG.




Database Cloud computing - Oracle RAC - Clusterware - Grid infrastructure - ASM - Data Guard - Tuning



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